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IQ French System Kit


Product Information

LED/UV IQ French System Kit consists of a high viscosity, low heat, 3 step system BUILDER gel and WHITE BUILDER gel. Thicker in consistency, strong and easy to apply! Part of the kit is also a thin Base Gel providing the best adhesion. Ideal for use with nail tips or nail forms. The creamy texture and self-levelling features of these builder gels make an effortless application! Providing great adhesion to the natural nail, generating very little or no heat while being cured and can be used for full sets or infills. Curing time 60sec/LED, 2min/UV (36 Watts).

15ml IQ Base

15ml LED/UV IQ French White

15ml LED/UV IQ French Pink 

15ml IQ UV Sealer

Nailery Professional Swarovski Brush #6 Round

Nailery IQ 007 Bonding Agent

Big Grey File

Smart File

50pcs Assorted Ultimate Natural Tips

50pcs Assorted Elegant Smile White Tips

10ml Brush on Glue

15ml Nailery Cuticle Oil

Nailery Cosmetic Bag 

How to use DVD

VALUE of PRODUCTS : $ 193.00

Product Code: IQK030