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BUILDER = UV New Age One Step Gel 50ml


Product Information

  NEW nailery One Step gel builder

Unique One Step system - no need for base gel! Easy to work with. Suitable for both fingernails and toe nails.

The New Age One Step Gel is a strong one-phase gel with self-leveling features. Thinner viscosity and clear in colour. This No-heat gel is best used over tips or nail forms but it is also great for permanent pedicure. The new formula of this gel brings you even better adhesion and brilliant shine without the need of using base gel. Clear in colour.


* NO HEAT formula

* Self-leveling

* Strong Builder

* Great Final Shine

* Clear colour

note: for nails prone to lifting (oily nails etc), you can promote the adhesion by using a base gel

curing time: 90sec/CCFL or 2min/UV (36W).

Product Code: ONE12