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BUILDER = LED/UV French Builder White 50ml


Product Information

UV/LED French White  BUILDER gel is a low heat 3 step system gel (base + builder + top)

Thicker in consistency, strong and easy to apply! Ideal for use with nail tips or nail forms. The creamy texture and self-leveling features of this gel make an effortless application!

Provides great adhesion to the natural nail, generates very little or no heat while being cured and can be used for full sets or infills. White and crisp in colour. Mix before use.

Cures in 40-90sec LED/CCFL or 2min in UV lamp (36W)



IMPORTANT NOTE! LED/UV French White Gel requires stirring before use! When you first open the jar, the gel will appear bluish. Please stir and churn thoroughly, carefully folding the gel from the bottom to top using an orangewood stick. Due to its two-phase formula, this product tends to sediment. This does not affect the quality of this product!


Product Code: IQF037